House Hunters International

As seen on Home and Garden TV's hit show House Hunters International.

Rent in Uruguay's Penthouse apartment in Ciudad Vieja and your hosts - Erica and Greg - was featured on this internationally broadcast television show. Thank you to everyone involved, it was a great experience!  Especially, we thank, the country of Uruguay, the city of Montevideo and its people who welcomed us to this great city. Update December 2014: We shot a follow-up episode "Where are they now? House Hunters" Watch the new episode below! Thanks for your interest in Uruguay. We would be happy to help answer your questions about living/traveling here.
Watch the episode here: House Hunters International, Fresh Start in Montevideo:
Watch the New! episode here to see the Penthouse changes and our 202 apartment: House Hunters International, Where are they now? In Montevideo:


Communication and entertainment:

Comfort and security:


  • Free WiFi and internet

  • LCD TV

  • Stereo system

  • Local rechargeable cell phone, available upon request

  • Air conditioning and heating

  • Hairdryer, Iron

  • Imported bed sheets and towels

  • Guidebooks, maps and our recommendations booklet available to all guests!

  • Fridge and freezer

  • Convection oven

  • Kettle & coffee maker

  • Washing machine and drying racks

  • Comprehensive set of cutlery, dishes, glasses, cooking pans/pots

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Tel: +598 (0)93 872 488

Rent in Uruguay


Short-term vacation rentals located in Montevideo: 

Tel: +598 (0)93 872 488

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